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I originally ran for office because I was tired of seeing elected officials across the state and the nation who have ‘their’ agenda. It seems that has only gotten worse. I've had enough of politics as usual. I hope to represent our community with a focus on what's best for our families. I try to bring a good business sense and deep community roots to serve the people of our area. From Theodore, Irvington, the bayou, the river, the island and back to Grand Bay, we are one community grounded on family values. It will be my goal to see us work together in protecting our resources, families, schools and our roads and jobs -- today and for the next generation.


I was born here and have lived in Grand Bay my entire life. I come from a working-class family that believes hard work, discipline, and tenacity are the keys to success. After serving in World War II, my father began farming in Grand Bay and I followed in his footsteps. The Sessions family farm has been in operation for more than 50 years. Working with my brother, I operate a diverse farming business that includes cotton, peanuts, pecans, cattle, and produce. 


Farming is just one of the many jobs in Southwest Mobile County, but it’s symbolic of the area’s dependency on natural resources. Whether you are harvesting cotton or oysters, I will fight to protect your property rights and will demand that BP stand on their commitment to make everyone whole and return our resources to pre-spill condition. 


Our most important natural resource is our kids. Funding for our schools is important but money isn’t the only problem. We need better leadership and involvement from the parents and the community. Our children have to be equipped with technical, physical, and intellectual skills that will give them an opportunity to succeed in today’s environment. I will partner with the community to streamline wasteful spending and bring it back to schools in the form of technology improvements, classroom resources and professional development support for teachers. 


Our family is just like yours. We’ve raised our kids to understand hard work, to respect their neighbors and our natural resources. I will not back down in representing our values and I don't apologize for my beliefs. I am pro-life, pro-family and I believe in putting God first. I own guns and will defend your right to own them, hunt and defend your property.


We need to be making strategic decisions about education, transportation, COVID response and development along our coastal areas. I have a proven ability to work with others, make clear decisions, and always do what is right for the community. I humbly ask for your prayers, your continued support and your vote on May 24, 2022.

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