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Our schools need more than money. We need to open our schools to vo-tech training. We need more parental involvement and community leadership. Even with new jobs like Walmart, Amazon and others coming online, we don’t have the right training. These distribution centers are providing for many, but we need better skills training and better opportunities. We need long-term, good-paying jobs and we need to equip our children with technical, physical, emotional and intellectual skills that will help them succeed. There's a lot we need to focus on, but this might be priority number one!



We need a better response to COVID and health emergencies. Leaving all the decisions to one person with unlimited power isn't a good solution. We need to protect our people, plan for disasters, and have a common-sense approach for how to get back to normal, even when confronted by man-made pandemics such as COVID.



The growth of municipalities over the years has changed the landscape in public schools, police and fire protection. Our district covers areas from the middle of the city of Mobile to Dauphin Island and many rural unincorporated areas in between. We need to look at regulations and how they have creeped out into once rural, lightly regulated areas and pull back from the burdens being placed on folks who don't want the added responsibility that comes from a city address.



Farming is just one of the many jobs in Southwest Mobile County, but it’s symbolic of the area’s dependency on natural resources. Whether you are harvesting cotton or oysters, I will fight to protect your rights. We will fight for insurance reform to protect our homes from natural disasters and greed.


Our most important natural resource is our kids. Our community has become a haven for meth labs and drug dealers and pedophiles who stalk the internet. We must work with law enforcement on new laws to better protect our kids so they can crack down quickly on the problems in our community. Opening up job training will reduce drop-outs and will better prepare those who don’t advance to college to make good, honest wages.



We need a resolution to the private road issue. We need systematic improvements along our local roadways. Millions are being spent in north Mobile county, we need to re-route some of those state and federal funds to our community.

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